Current Incubatees

Current Incubatees

E-Carebetics (Anself Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Devansh Parikh

E-Carebetics provides all the healthcare workers, not just eye doctors, the capability to conduct screening for DR using an AI mobile APP with a mobile attached ophthalmoscope. The scope is designed to be compatible with over 95% of the smartphones in the market. The App provides comprehensive data to assist medical workers in making diagnostic decisions.
Currently, we have features for detecting lesions and hemorrhages in the retinal blood vessels which get annotated by our AI algorithm known as explainable AI which enables anyone to understand the area of concern. Our features include detection of the severity of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration along with image annotation.

Thirdi Technoloies OPC Pvt Ltd

Ms. Meenakshi Ramaswamy

Developing preventive/early diagnostic tool to identify the precancerous cells for the cervical cancer diagnosis process using AI, ML, deep learning based diagnostic models to predict the results which can assist medical practitioners.

Specs Reversal Program

Mr. Kailash Kumar

Developing device and program to reverse the spectacles of individual.

Wizphys AI Pvt Ltd

Mr. Siddhartha Gadre

AI/ML app for Physiotherapy doctors and patients to analyze the progress remotely.

IndusArva - Oxygen Leakage Detector

Mr. Suraj Kumar Singh

Developing device to minimize the wastage and leakage of oxygen making leakage visible to human eye to tackling Oxygen wastage/leakage/losses in hospitals using automated surveillance.


Dr. Sukan Rajpurohit

Developing last mile tracking and delivery of vaccine with a focus on cold chain management and tracking of multiple parameters.

Mindery Technologies Private Limited

Mehul Jain

Health and mental well being platform.


Mr. Maulik Dave

FMSOFT developed the process to monitor and control vector-borne diseases with Geospatial mapping to each indecent tracked, recorded, and treated, and based on the data  recorded on a day-to-day basis, one can visualize, predict and prepare the action plan to prevent the disease spreading from vector species i.e. mosquitos

Green Maneuver Industries LLP

Mr. Manoj Parihar, Ms. Archana

Green Maneuver Industries LLP offers a range of Compostable and Biodegradable products which are made from 100% plant-based materials. These products can break down and be disposed of in a way that is far kinder to the environment than plastic. When disposed of in the right environmental conditions, our compostable products can get decomposed and return to the earth as soil & compost within 180 days of disposal. These products are the best alternative of Plastic.

Wellzin Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ms. Manasa M Hegde

Building a healthtech platform, which assists individuals in figuring out the chance of their future health disorders and risk-adjusting strategies to overcome that disorders.

Manentia - AI diagnosis

Mr. Anuj Chandalia

Manentia uses “The Edge AL Cloud” technology to analyse and identify medical imaging, which speeds up radiologists’ and pathologists’ workflows and improves diagnostic accuracy by allowing clinicians to perform the type of disease and stage of infection at an earlier stage. In less than 5 minutes, it detects many diseases simultaneously and delivers a comprehensive ratio that indicates the severity level of infection and identifies contaminated spots in the image.

SNH Innovation LLP

Mr. Nirav Chauhan

Developing antibody targeting cancer cells without harming normal cells. At product development stage. Big companies like Pfizer are already doing R&D on it. Marketed conventional dosage forms target cytotoxic payload in cancer as well as non cancer cells it associated with toxic adverse effect. Novel nanoparticulate based antibody drug conjugates comprises nanoparticle of cytotoxic drug conjugate to monoclonal antibody directed against receptor which highly expressed in lung cancer tumor via non clevable linker technology with aim to minimize toxic side effect associated with conventional dosage forms.

RIMS Healthcare

Dr. Vipul Chavda

App for tracking and maintaining database of patients so that medicines can be given accordingly especially to diabetes patient. Target customers are hospitals and multi specialties. Currently at ideation stage and required app developer.

Inforetell Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Yashobant, Dr. Poonam, Ms. Krupali, Ms. Kalpana
WASH Magic Box: A solar-based solution for infection, prevention and control. - Gujarat Medicare Services LLP

Mr. Rajnish Kavathiya is India’s first, dedicated and unique portal.
Which provide the ambulance service provider information in one single platform
• India’s first dedicated Ambulance and its services related portal.
• India’s first ambulance services provider’s network for PAN India.
• India’s first search engine for Ambulance and related services.
• Provide information for all kind of ambulance service on finger-tip for PAN India. Easily scalable in entire India.
• Provide fundamental rights to choose the appropriate service by Accessibility, Availability and Affordability of Ambulance services.
• Ambulance ECO SYSTEM works for capacity building, Training, standardization of ambulance services and its charges. Thus how product and services will be improve.
• Support to digital India mission & developed Quality healthcare information system.
• Ambulance related rules and regulation at one place.
Ambulance related all kind of services for Man, Material, and Machine.

SPOTDOT Bioinnovations

Dr. Nidhya J N

Early detection of preeclampsia in resource limited settings. Instrument free Multiplex Lateral Flow immunoassay based Rapid test for detecting preeclampsia biomarkers – urine adipsin and urine amyloid.

Conservationist Health Associates(CHA)

Dr. Prashant Dixit

Startup is working on alternate means of energy that can be utilized in an eco friendly manner to process Bio medical waste. Solar energy to be used for the process of treatment of biomedical waste and recycling of end products.

Swayam Care

Mr. Ninaad Achalkar

Startup is into manufacturing of  an illuminated tongue depressor.
Their tongue depressor has two parts. First one is what we called holder which has batteries in it. The second part is the blade which can be disposed off also it can be sterlised. The battery life of the product is 1 year. Apart from these they have many products in line like the vein detector, observation lamp etc.

Salvo India

Dr. Karnav Patel

Startup is manufacturer of technical textiles for healthcare. First manufacturer from Gujarat to get approval from CDSCO and FDCA, GUJARAT for new unit as per ISO 13485 standards for surgical gowns and surgical drapes.

DocX Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sushil Patel

All the entities working with medical field are independent systems in a way but there is something common in all. – A repository of doctors.
•DocX will be a professional network of doctors, only for doctors
• A network is specific to doctors and so the deepest profile can be built
• This network can be used for all deep searches…
• By the doctors
• By other organizations
• A platform which converts existing ecosystem into digital ecosystem
• A platform which opens up other business opportunities by studying function and trend of ecosystem
• An adaptive digital platform for all new business entities
• Deep knowledge graph about doctors, their professional activities and associated entities


Dr. Gaurav Borde, Dr. Kanish Aggarwal, Dr. Sushanshu Yadav, Dr. Vardhman Dagli

Branding and marketing Dental clinic under one roof. Startup is providing doctors with practice management software , medico legal support , providing them ( doctors ) patients.

Caresquad 4U Medical LLP

Dr. Blessy Thomas

Caresquad 4U Medical LLP seeks to marry technology with professionally trained and skilled healthcare professionals to provide timely, responsible and appropriate home health care at reasonable price points. A standard protocol has been developed to take care of the various stage of providing the service. The process of customer interaction and quality assurance is being automated so that there is an ease of interaction for clients as well as operation for healthcare professionals. An application is developed to connect the patient and the care service provider.

KiahCare Health Solutions

Mr. Dhiraj Sharma

KiahCare Health Solutions will focus on Healthtainment space, by helping customer get service when required and also enjoy with their friends 60Plus is here to consolidate all Home Care service providers and connect them with Customers who are in need of Home care services. 60Plus is an attempt to bring all this fragmented homecare service providers on one platform.

Growth Book Application Pvt Ltd

Dr. Ami Tank, Mr. Nishant Shah, Mr. Arpan Desai

Growth Book app is a mobile application for parents of 0-5 years children. The app helps parents to track their child’s growth and development, and in a way helps to improve its social, physical, cognitive wellbeing. The app works as a parenting companion for parents by providing online consultation for day to day child health queries. The platform has more than 2.5 L users from more than 150 countries. The startup is currently in pre-revenue stage.

Dentnovation LLP

Dr. Wajid Ali Saiyed, Dr. Urvi Rangrej, Mr. M.A.Saiyed

Developing an efficient procedure to save and dentify bone during Implants Surgery in Dental and  Orthopedic domain and the optimization is in ossteodensification burs that helps increase strength, aptness and durability of implant. Due to nano-technology, reduced heat generation, pain and inflammation. The procedure also helps in indirect lifting of sinus bone. The initiative has conceptualized the procedure and working towards product development.


Dr. Chinmay Shah, Prof. K B Khiraiya , Prof. J V Bhatt, Kiran Achari, Nair Ananthu, Mr. Nair Ragil, Mr. Pandya Dharmdeep, Mr. Trivedi Nandish

Low Cost Portable ECG Unit!!!

Unlike conventional ECG Units, it is durable and portable, almost the size of a pencil box. The product has a compartment to store ECG strips and ECG electrodes. It is Bluetooth capable, and targeting to mass manufacture at a price as low as  The USP of our device is that the retail cost of our product in mass production can be as low as ₹1399. The initiative has developed a prototype and currently doing a pilot run for the same.

AI Based Mobile App for Early Detection of Diseases

Mr. Ajaykumar Nuthakki

Developing android app and Software Platform which uses AI and Machine learning to earlier detection of various disease such as eye diseases, skin diseases, cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, liver cancer, kidney diseases many more using medical imaging.

Digital Stethoscope

Mr. Chintan Patel

A stethoscope is a special device to hear heartbeat sounds and monitor pulmonary disease. The most type of stethoscope used these days is the acoustic stethoscope. However, the problem with this acoustic stethoscope is the sound level very low. It is hard to analyze the heart sound and difficult to be diagnosed by a medical physician So we developed a digital stethoscope with multi functions.


Mr. Jatin Sharma

Developing drones which can lift heavy weights from areas which cannot be reached normally.

Hemoglobin Estimation By Non Invasive Method

Dr. Dinesh Rathod

We are making a device for Hemoglobin Estimation by Non-Invasive Method where Non-invasive method is not required painful blood collection, the recurring cost is almost nil, Trained staffs not require, You can do analysis at any place, More patients can be managed easily, No risk to a person who is doing a test, Cheaper, Recordkeeping is more effective, easy to carry so in better for remote area, No proper lab set up required to operate.


Dr Roopa G S

Developing portable medical incubator for rural and remote areas which can be used by PHCs.


Mr. Diptesh Lala & Mr. Tilanjan Ray Chaudhuri

MEDITECHON is focusing on innovating a medical device named ‘NIRSONOSCAN’ which uses Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound and Near Infrared Spectroscopy to develop a cheaper bedside tool for stroke detection and monitoring to improve decision making about therapy , to save time , which is easily available & cost effective. It is easy to operate and interpretation is based on ML-AI so needs no expertise in brain imaging.



D’bello is a vitamin D powder made from natural plant sources, chemical-free, whole food nutrition, and which does not alter the taste and texture of food.
It is for all age groud and for all dietary habits which can add to any food recipe like salt and sugar In staple foods such as Roti, Sabji, curry, curd, etc. In wheat flour as fortification carrier to reach mass population instead of milk and oil costly carriers.

Farm bionics

Mr. Marshal Patel

As per the ancient scriptures and the practices of Vaidyas, Indian herbs like Turmeric, Black Piper, Tulsi, Ginger, and Honey have been used to cure and prevent multiple health conditions, which are getting forgotten by the day and are getting replaced by modern forms of medicines. Towards conserving the culture and heritage, and considering ease of administration, a pocket-friendly oral spray containing the said herbs and ingredients has been formulated for targeted and quick relief. The absorption rate of oral spray is around 92 to 93%. The formulation is by the name Sore Throat. Currently, the initiative is in the market and towards their journey of growth.