Based on the merits of the case, the following processes could be adopted for evaluation of the idea/business plan for incubation/support purposes.

Two levels of review process:

Incubatees are selected based on two steps

  • Internal review (Comprising of IIPHG-NIDHI-TBI’s team & senior members of IIPHG)
  • External review by 2 or more reviewers (Comprising of experts from the domain, investor, industry, established entrepreneur, potential client/user).

However, in the following cases the review process may be relaxed on case to case basis:

  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Customer Validation and/or adoption
  • Existing ventures with revenues of Rs.50 lacs or above
  • Have got funding by Angels, Angel Network, VC of up to Rs.30 lacs

In case of pre-screened and previewed business ideas/cases by government grants/competitions, on their approval, the same may be directly admitted as per program requirements.

Incubation approval is subject to completion of satisfactory review process. IIPHG-NIDHI-TBI for Public Health Gandhinagar will have a sole discretion whether to admit or reject a proposal for incubation and the decision of IIPHG-NIDHI-TBI for Public Health Gandhinagar in this regard shall be final. IIPHG-NIDHI-TBI for Public Health Gandhinagar is not bound to give any reason in case a proposal is rejected.