Graduated Startups

Infection Control Assist Device (ICAD)

The CoVID19 pandemic has affected around 90 million people globally and posed a considerable risk to the healthcare workers (HCW), particularly those who are at the forefront managing patient’s airway in CoVID wards, operation theatres and intensive care units. In this regard, a novel innovation, Infection Control Assist Device (ICAD) has been developed to help contain and remove the viral load from the source of aerosol generation. It is a miniaturised negative pressure area device that facilitates multiple air exchanges, designed suitable to airflow and surface cleaning, operator’s comfort, and patient’s acceptance. The ICAD has two holes on either side at the height suitable to normal position of patients nose and mouth to insert and hold the suction tubes assisting air changes.

Digital Immunization Program

Developing a Digital Ecosystem to Improve the Fidelity & Coverage of Immunization Program in India.


Neuro-Track3D is focusing on developing stereo camera-based fiducial points/landmarks and the surface digitization of the 3D digitizing system for brain imaging and neuroscience. Our solution will be more optimized toward a specific application, easy to use, higher in compliance with the experimental subject or patient. Our system will be cost-effective and with added functionality in comparison to the available products in the market. Our system mainly consists of a stereo-camera, 3D digitizing probe, reference probe, and application programme interface. Our innovation and development are focused on various digitization and reference probe designing to enhance the system’s overall functionality and compliance.

EmTech Innovations

They are developing an instrument to detect deficiency of Vitamin A with a completely non-invasive approach. It is first of its kind in the world, and we have filed for patent in multiple countries including India and USA. The undetected deficiency of Vitamin A is a very critical public health concern that has largely remained unresolved for decades.

Tooth Brushing Teacher

Step by step instructions given by the device user experiences complete brushing experience by touching all sides of the teeth. Anyone who brushes teeth effectively has very few chances to have cavities as there is nothing stuck in between to damage teeth. The device can maintain overall oral hygiene.