Webinar on IPR for Health Care

Webinar Intellectual Property Rights For Healthcare

A webinar was conceptualised with joint efforts of IIPHG-TBI for Public Health and AIC-Gujarat Technological University; while Adastra IP, New Delhi promised for providing Knowledge Support.

As a part of efforts to benefit large number of audience for the webinar, Publicity material as well as webpage has been developed by in-house team of IIPHG-TBI for Public Health and more than 3000 emails, 500+ personal messages through WhatsApp has been sent. Other social Media Platforms were also utilized including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As a result of such efforts, we have received around 249 applications across the different states of India.

The webinar was hosted on GoToMeetings online platform. The session was joined by more than 130 participants. Mr. Rahul Bagga, Director-Patent at Adastra IP has shared the basics of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and relevant examples of Healthcare sector. Rahul started the session about describing various aspects of IPR and requested participants to ask questions meanwhile. Participants has learned various points raised by Rahul and asked many questions in between the session.

Rahul has appreciated the quality of questions asked by participants and try to answer most of the questions raised by participants. The session took about 90 minutes and all the participants were satisfied with the answers of speaker.

The participants were appreciated the efforts done by the organizers to arrange the webinar and also request for having such sessions in future covering specific aspects of Healthcare.

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